Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Craft Strom Tights/Pants........... Topeak Digital Air Gauge D2

When I 1st started biking during the winter i was always here ICEBIKE looking for ideas and just seeing what others were doing.
When I saw these I knew I had to have them. Don't ask me why?!! Lol
Don't get me wrong they worked great to about -10 to -15, after that I needed my wool bibs I used to wear for deer hunting.

Well it was time to step up and get a pair of pants that really could handle some cold without the bulk of my tried and true woolrich bibs. I was cruising the "Fat Bike" forum on mtbr.com when I came across a thread about these I was sold!! They truly fit more like a pant than tights, and they can handle the cold!! Last Monday -27 just the pants were worn and I was toasty warm, the follow day -33 with the wind..... same thing, just nice and comfortable with these pants alone.

The Topeak digital gauge is a nice little unit. It works awesome!!!
I was worried about how it would perform in cold temps. Lol needless time spent worrying. It has a switch to go from presta to schrader, a air bleeder button, a swiveling head.... a nice feature for sure!! I couldn't tell tell how much it cost, Cindi got it from the Bikes on Howard.


  1. I forgot all about Icebike. I haven't been on it in about 10 years, when I first started biking.

    Joe in Iowa

  2. Good to hear of the pants. I will have to look into those. How are those Lakes working out for you and are you wearing them in that cold strectch?

  3. In reference to the Lakes:
    I don't think I was meant to own a pair this winter!!
    The trusty USPS can't find them, don't ask me how or anything else. I'm kind of Po'd, if ya know what I mean??!!
    so I'm gonna put that $$$ towards a 29er wheelset for the Pugs; built up by Mike C. @ Big Wheel Building.
    Looks like I'll be selling some stuff to make up the difference. ;)
    He only has 2 sets of Ritchey OCR rims left, after that it's slim to no pickings for an offset rim maker in a 29er. I love the fact he won't under build a wheelset, and is very up front about it!! Pretty damn refreshing in today's age !!!!