Thursday, January 6, 2011


The valve stem on my rear tire broke, inside the tire yesterday, after I got to work.
After 9:00 break I think everybody and their brother came and told me my tire was flat. Lol
Like it was gonna piss me off or something?? NOT!!
I got multiple offers for rides home, again.. NOT!!

Perfect time to put the new rubber I got for x-mas on!!
so I talk to the better half, and asked her to bring me the tires and extra tubes I had at home. Thank you Cindi, I love you!!

3:20 came,I punched out.... and gathered everything I needed... headed back out to the shop to do some work.... for myself!! ;)
I put the Larry on the front, then removed the tube and tire from the rear. It all took about an hour. It would've been less than an hour, but I put Larry on backwards.... Duh!! ;)

The Larry is a sweet front tire!! The grip and handling is amazing!! Of course I didn't go right home.... Again, Duh!! Lol
I had to test it out??!!
I put the Endo on backwards, (on purpose;), and it seems to hook up much better, most noticeably while climbing snow piles!!

I can't wait to get out for real ride, and really put the Larry through some other tests!



  1. Its great it happened at a place it could be changed leisurely. I had one go at night in the cold -- it sucked.

    The Larry is great.

  2. It is nice that you have a partner willing to help you in your adventures, whatever they may be. I know that I too am very lucky in that regards, although sometimes I'm sure she finds some of the things I do amusing.

    FYI...We have some parts ordered up on the big tire builds and I will be ordering up the Larry's shortly...maybe as soon as tomorrow.

  3. KM ~~~ you are so right!!!
    I've always have been lucky as far as flats. That was my 1st flat in 3 years!!
    I guess thats the price one pays for running lower than 10 psi in the rear!! Lol

    Rlove2bike ~~~ so true!! According to Cindi, it's the "stupid" bike??!! ;)
    It's all good though.
    It's cool to see that you guys are progressing on the "Fat" build!!


  4. My one Larry, One Endo snow machine is ready roll as soon the sun comes up over the horizon.

  5. 5 years and no flat fatties. Knock on wood. That's why I have resisted the light weight inner tube craze. Changing a flat in the winter, no way.