Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A New Game.........

Was played this morning, it was called snowplow dodging! ;))
I shoveled twice last night, the last time was at around 9:30. I awoke and looked out the window to see it looked as if I didn't even touch the sidewalk or the driveway!! Perfect!!
It should be a most joyfull pedal to work! I left the tire presure at around 8 PSI. and headed off to work. Wow we got I'd say at least 10" of heavy wet snow!! I found some fresh tire tracks and made my way slowly to work.
In my 3 miles into work I encountered 9 snowplows, one guy I knew, he flipped me the "bird", and yelled "Sacco you're nuts"!!! I replyed we all know that already, and pedaled on. Lol
7 waited for me to make my way by them slowly, and 1 really needs to find a different job!!
Maybe he just needed some sleep, but he gets a "come on man" just the same!!

I haven't been riding too much because of my long hours at work, but I do take the round about way to and from work!! It's not the same as going for a good long snow ride, but such is life!!

My Larry and Endo are sitting at Bikes On Howard waiting on me to get down there, I think this will be the week!!



  1. Thats funny getting told your nuts riding a snowbike there! lol... stay safe man!

  2. Well your in good company, with us other nutz.
    Seems those times that work and other things reduce our riding times, that we get it back with some epic rides afterwards.