Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Tracks!!!!!

i was up and shoveling, and letting the little shit-machine out at around 7 a.m.
i was cooking breakfast for everyone by 8:45.
Then i heard "honey would you go get me a paper", i think my ears went up like the dogs when it hears something it likes!! LOL
Then i also heard don't be gone for 6 hours!! Damn!!! ;)

i pedaled to the local Holiday Station store for the paper.
this is a little stretch (about 2 football fields long), near our house.

Then it was off to a small local lake, (about a .10th of a mile south of our house), that will get pedaled on for sure this winter!!!

I think my new tires will be sitting at my LBS till the end of the month, or if we have some really cold weather. Man, i'm one happy camper!!



  1. cool!,proper snow!, any excuse to go out and play eh Joe?

  2. Awesome. Glad to see you got to be out on the fattie with snow on the ground.

  3. New tires??? Larrys by any chance?

  4. Yes Sir Bill!!
    A Larry up front, and im still tossing the idea of one in back too. Although i really like the Endo in back, even though I've been hearing such good things about the Larry. I feel the Endo suits the iron ore/snow up here. Less knobs for the red rock to knock off!! LOL
    By the way love the TJ's coffee cup in your latest post!!! Classic!!


  5. LoL, I gotta laugh, sounds like my house, a good woman, a fat tired bike, and trying to give them both attention.