Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spilt Shifts, SUCK!!!!! BUT.......

I made the most of my time off with a ride on the Pugs on my way home...... well it was kind of on my way home!!!lol

these picture were taken with my iPhone, so the quality kind of blows!!! but i think you get the point.

i made a couple not so quick laps around "Pill Hill", here in the middle of town. the snow machines have made some nice trails around the hill. -9 and the trails were perfect, and almost like i was riding on asphalt. oh, and Doug, i was giggling the whole time!!!! ;)

this is the first time I've had a chance to really hit some trails with this "Fun Machine", and it did not disappoint!!!! i'm sure the walkers will be wondering what the hell made the big ass tire tracks when they go for their morning and nightly walks. lol

i just need to take a minute here, and say a big THANK you to my much better 1/2 Cindi....................... thank you dear for putting up with me these last few weeks, shit who am i kidding, months while my bike was getting truely are the best partner a guy could ever hope for and i'm very lucky to be with you!!!!


on my way down.

somewhere in the middle.

before heading up.

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