Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am in Love!!! lol

Just got my Pugs home.
i'll take some better pictures as time allows.

my fat bike is almost ready.

I guess I'm one picky SOB, but ya know what......... I haven't got a new bike in 9 fricking years, so your damn straight I'm gonna be a picky SOB!!!
Cause it might be another 9 years till i get another....... so f%@# it!!

So here's some shop photo's, until i pedal her outside for good.
i still can't believe it weighs 36#, i was thinking more around the 40-43 range DAMN!!!

A big heartfelt thanks to Calvin at Bikes On Howard!!!
you rock my friend!!!
I won't tell your wife you plan on getting a Pugsley now too!!! ;)



  1. Looking sweet you picky S.O.B!

    My Pug was my first new bike for 13 years.

  2. Antoine,
    yeah Calvin and I talked, and everything else is big why not keep with the theme?!!! Lol

    I am my own worst enemy, we're getting a good 7-10 " of the white stuff, and my pickiness is now turned into me being mad at myself!!!! ;)
    oh well, hey??