Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Pug Specs.

Here ya go, for the people who asked.

i guess I've never done a brake-down of the parts i choose for this build, i went with better parts for the drive train, for obvious reasons. the rest of the parts were most definitely middle of the road in price.
i did get an expensive headset, again for obvious reasons.
doing this kind of feels like I'm bragging, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

a bike is a bike, is a bike. I've never been one to look down on people because of what they ride. ride the bike that is the most comfortable to YOU, because I've seen and heard it a 1,000 times.........."i want to ride my bike, but it's just so damn uncomfortable after such and such a time."

i blame the bike shop they bought their bike from, for just throwing a bike on them without really taking the time to fit it to them the way they should!!! a bike shop that says "you can't test ride our bikes", is the bike shop you want to run away from as fast as you can!!!!

ride your bike as often as you can, and as far as you can. push yourself beyond what you think is possible for you. before you know it, you won't even think, you'll just do!!!

I've always thought that a reliable drive train is the most important part of any bike. if you can't move forward then what's the sense??

Peace, Joe

Frame: 18" 2009 ThunderHead Metalic Grey & fork.
Wheelset/Tires: 65mm Large Marge, and Endo tires.
Hubs: Surly front hub, XT rear hub.
Crankset: Surly Mr. Whirly triple crank (175), and 100mm BB.
Drivetrain: XT E-type front derailer, and XT rear derailer.
Brakes: Avid BB7's mech., Avid Elite brake levers, mongo large rotors.
Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Seat: WTB Speed V
Stem: Ritchey Comp
Headset: Hope Elite
Shifters: Shimano SLX rapid fires.
Handlebars: Titec H-bars (thanks Doug), the best bars I've ever used!!!
Pedals: whatever my LBS had in the Blueberry bucket, i will be trowing my Time clipless pedals on as soon as the snow is gone.


  1. I totally agree on the bike shop thing and the bike snob thing. The 29er I ride is a cheap steel Redline Monocog Flight, but it's made of very good quality steel and has been one hell of a fun ride. Although I have totally rebuilt it to lighten it up.

    Your Pugs build is good quality and are not bragging. Bike people want to see that info.

    I love the Surly Mr. Whirly crank for the simple reason that it can be reconfigured to your liking. Whether it be ss, 1x9, 2x9, triple:) Hope headset...nice piece of bling. Wish I would have gone with King or Hope. I've got CK on my other mountain bikes. Maybe I'll have to do a breakdown of my build also.

  2. nice post and true words on the shop fitting thing...
    looking forward to reading your pugs adventures!