Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thinking about a Carbon Fatty....

Yes I am; sue me!! ;)
I'm looking for more of an upright ride closer to my trusty Pugsely. 
Now, I know a guy could tweak this or tweak that to get the ride position, but I'm only looking at a frame set...... I have a set of Rolling D's and I'd use what I could off my Pugs, not much, stem, handlebars, this and that, but it will be what it will be!! Lol
I'll purchase a Race Face Turbine double and a couple other niceties as the time gets closer. 
I've got it narrowed down to a Borealis Yampa and the 9:zero:7 Whiteout.

I got a chance to ride a medium Yampa this afternoon (6-3-2014) at Continetal Bike and Ski in Duluth.. 
WOW WOW WOW were the first words that came to mind!! 
Holy light and snappy!! 
Solid...... nice and strong flexy feeling all at the same time!! I could see tearing up the FatBike race circuit up on this machine..... Ha Ha then I woke up!! Lol
No, really though, the snappy lightness of the carbon frame gives one some serious  thoughts of doing what one has no right thinking of doing!!
A full 10#'s lighter than my Pugs is really really noticeable, even when tooling around a parking lot and up and down the block!! 
WOW!!! There's that word again!!
Front through axle is something sweet, and the newer frames eventually will have the rear through. 

So I give the bike back to LBS dude.....  And we let the kids checkout the rest of the bike shop...... Cindi buys a couple things..... We get in the vehicle to drive away....... Cindi says how much was that bike........ That particular demo Yampa was $2999...... Then without missing a beat she says, really? it looked kind of cheap to me!!! 
My chin must've been on the floor, lol.
She says, what??? It does really look cheap to me! 
Something I didn't expect to hear, from her!! :(
She said she likes the look of my Pugs better than the way the Borealis looked!! This is now the 2nd person to say the Yampa looks cheap. 
Interesting hearing this coming from two individuals that don't know each other, and one person is a bike guy, and the other is my partner!! 
Something defiantly to think about!! 
Now I have to search out somewhere with a Whiteout built up and I'm able to test ride; and the ever important "Cindi pleasing to the eye test!!" Lol

Anyway, a few snapshots.

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