Friday, June 13, 2014

I Never Realized

Just how much the kids and I pedal together....... 
Yes, I know we pedal together more than the average pedal to the park family. 
I'm not even saying how little I also ride with others....... Let's just say it's right around 98%, enough said!!
Although since this boy broke his wing.......

I never gave it much thought....
I'd get home from work, and we'd saddle up and go for a pedal. OR
I'd or Mom would hear "I'm bored" one to many times, and we'd saddle up and ride! 
Since his arm was broken two days before school was let out for summer (!!!!!!!!!) not going for a pedal was just an afterthought! 
Arm was broken while racing his sister when the curb from hell jumped in front of him!! Lol 
Lesson....... Take curbs at the proper angle, and one does not always have to be in 1st place to have a fun time!!!
The bigger lesson..........................
These past few weeks that lesson has been hammered home in a big way!! 
A wrist to just below the elbow cast should be going on this coming Tuesday, and then it'll be back to this.......

In no time!! 
Pedal On!!

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