Friday, December 20, 2013

Step One.... Opening Eyes.....CHECK

Yesterday I met with the two top guys of the city of Hibbing's park board. 
Thank you Pete H. and Kraig S.

I'm looking at gaining access for FatBikes on the local XC ski trails. 
This is not my favorite winter riding, but options are not a bad thing to have!! 
I brought my bike (obviously), and words like intrigued, interesting and holy shit those tires were thrown around. LOL
For once in my life I had all the answers to every question they asked; and even brought up points they said "we never thought about that." 
I explained these bikes were designed for snow and sand riding, along with most times leaving less damage/tracks than a skate skier does on the the trail/trails.
We as riders of the FatBikes know what these rigs are capable of. To the normal non fatbike rider, it's kind of mind blowing.

I explained how I don't want to piss off the local base of skiers. I don't want to create any conflict what so ever!! 
I explained when it would not be ok to ride on the trails..... See IMBA's best practice's for riding on XC ski trails. I had sent every bit of info in that regard a month or two ago; and they both said, "yes we read all the info you sent." 
Which was refreshing and made me feel pretty good the meeting with them. 

They both said they're very open to giving these bikes a place on one of the lesser used trails as a test run. 
Pete had said he'd like to see the bike in action, and actually throw a leg over and ride himself! He also asked if he could video tape our testing and bring it before the park board at their next meeting in January; I said you bet; and I'm in no rush for this to happen. Good things come to those who wait!! ;)
So within the next couple weeks we'll hammer out a couple dates and all meet out on the trails to test it out. 
I'm not willing to say it's a slam dunk, but I know what these FatBikes are capable of......SO......  It's a slam dunk!!
Ha Ha Ha 

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