Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Fresh 10"

What a difference a fresh 10" of the white stuff makes!!
With temps due to drop through the floor on Friday..... It'll soon be GO TIME!! 


  1. Looks like a lot of work, was it just you? how many miles of trail did you stop ?

  2. Yes, just me!!
    Yes, very much work!!
    It'll be my way to and from work as soon as the snomos pack the lake. Tomorrow is Friday night, and they'll be flying around till Sunday night. Packing 22" of fresh snow kicked my ass!! Zack and I will hit it up for GFBD..... The. I'll start on the rest. The hard part is over.
    Only 3/4's to 1 mile. Doesn't seem worth it right now!!
    Looking to add another mile to a mile and a half.
    Doesn't seem worth it!!
    Doesn't seem worth it!!
    Once I ride it I'll be happy with my work!!
    Doesn't seem worth it right NOW!!