Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Out With the Old, and In With the New

Dec. '09 my Pugsley was built up....... Everything was picked to be very functional not so much the most expensive parts build, but middle of the road priced. Well, except for the drivetrain, that was built up to be beefy and to last. Which it has rather nicely!
As things have broken I've always replaced "one" up or more; but always to the up.
When we got done with the build, I said "oh crap, I forgot about grips!!"
Calvin laughs and walked to his "blueberry bucket" (the bucket of useless and mismatched parts), in the back corner of his work area, grabbed a set of bmx grips....... and said "now get the hell out of here, and go ride!!!" Lol
Anyway, those bmx grips have stayed on since then, and were in need of replacement. So I searched around and searched around......... and around.
Then I find a post by Chris at Mn. Bike Trail Navigator about Interbike 2013 Cool Things part 3.
The Made in the U.S.A. ESI grips
I choose the "chunky" grips, and this morning slapped them on. 
Yeah, a bit slow here at work!! Lol
Here's a picture of the old and new side by side. As you can plainly see, it was beyond time for a new set!! Lol


  1. Looks like you got your moneys worth out those old grips Joe!
    nice one! -)

  2. Funny thing Bruce........ They didn't cost me penny!!!

  3. Sometimes, the best things in life are free!