Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's My Time of Year!!!

I had to pull a couple geocaches out of service........ 
It was a very pleasant couple of hours. 


  1. Oh yeah,Fat-Bike season OPEN R U coming down to the twin cities for the fat bike expo or the Fat-Bike Adventure Ride ? I've got room for you to crash at my place

  2. I have to get up way and do some of your caches. A couple ladies were down and found some of mine. I was riding the fatty as they were finding them and they told me about yours.

  3. Ha Ha
    I don't even need to guess their names!! Lol
    That'd be Jane and Mary!! Lol
    Those two are all over the place!!
    Two fine geocaching ladies!!
    Let me know when you're gonna be up and I'll pedal along with you!! That way you'll max your finds with not taking wrong turns and wasting your time riding through the mine dumps of northern Mn.!!
    Peace, Joe

  4. Yep...right on. Jane and Mary is right. I for sure want to get up there to do them and will let you know when I do. That would be cool to have you ride along.