Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kids, They Never Seise to Amaze!!!

Today my two young ones pedaled the furthest they've gone in 2012. 
Total was just shy of 14 miles!!! 
Zack has a geared bike; but Jenna has just one gear, and small tires!! 

Zack has gone 10-15 miles with me plenty of times in the past and doesn't think it's a big deal. 
Old-hat kind of thing.

We usually tool around the neighborhood, hit up a couple paved trails and J has (before today) always had enough by that time. 
While Z says "do we have to be done already??" LOL

Ha Ha, not today!!!

We get to the normal turn around spot, and J stops and says....and I'm quoting here.
"Daddy and Zack...... I'll pedal to Carey Lk. (5 1/2 miles) but I will lead the way!! No one goes in front of me....Ok boys??"
Z and I looked at each other and just nodded our heads in nothing short of awe!! Lol

We pedaled on.

About an hour later we get to the lake. They had 30 min. to play around on the beach and the quickly melting ice and we headed back home.

Z was ahead of us the whole time. He'd wait at certain points, see that we were coming and jump on his bike and pedal on down the trail to wait again. 
Thanks Z, a finer big brother there's not!!!
I'm proud of you!!!

Meanwhile our little trooper Jenna was hammering her pedals one after the other. 
When she'd get to a hill and had trouble getting up; "daddy i need to walk it, would you pedal next to me?" my answer, sure thing little girl, you pedal again when you want. 
She only needed to walk 3 hills, and one is a pretty good one when your 5!! Impressive to say the least!!

During the last 3 miles a lot of rhyming was going on between her and I, along with a lot of bike eye-spy. LOL
Seemed to do the trick in taking the focus off her sore legs and bum. 

I can honestly say, that little Jenna will be kicking her brothers behinds on the trails before too long. 

Watch out boy's Jenna's coming, and she's more competitive than you two combined!!! 
Be very afraid!! Ha Ha

I'm very proud of you JenJen!!! 
Don't worry, we'll go for a leg stretcher after work tomorrow!!



  1. That is awesome!! If I had do overs, I would have tried to get our children more in to bicycling. It is could to see you doing just that.

    Keep up the good work Jenna and Zack!! (and Joboo)

    Thanks for the post

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