Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Days of Biking

I understand some people have an easier time biking year round than others. For whatever reason; after all, there yours, and that's more than fine by me!! I just passed 4 years biking year round!! Yeah, I know Blah Blah Blah.... Really though, after awhile, it just is...... very easy!! You learn how to dress, among many other things; about yourself, as well as others. I would be sadly mistaken not to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my much better 1/2 Cindi, for making it possible for me to turn the pedals, day after day after day!! I LOVE YOU DEAR!!! My one regret? I wish I lived further away from my place of employment. Is that weird?? Don't answer!! ;) Oh yeah, you're wondering about the header of this post?? sorry about that!! ;) Check here That's how it starts...... One day at a time!! I figure I have 4 years, what's another 30 days!!! Ha Ha Peace

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  1. I have to agree with the much better half. We are lucky!!

    Thanks for the link. I briefly checked it out and will explore it more in a bit.