Thursday, February 2, 2012

Screw Phil!!!!

Yeah that's right Phil; I said screw YOU!!!

6 more weeks of winter??!! Ha
Bring it on!!! 
I'll take 9 more weeks, you little bastard!!!
Bring the snow and the bitter cold; it'll be about damn time!!!

Here in northern Mn. We really haven't seen winter as we know it!! Sure it's been good riding, but it could always be better!!
Snow?? Some.
Bitter cold? Ah, not really!!
Maybe 10 days total.

The next 7 days are forecasted highs in the mid to upper 30's??? 

Winter?? Yeah right, my furry little Bullshitter!!! 
My furry little four legged shit-eater; I say again, bring it on!!!! 

The AH135 was run with no below zero temps and conditions more tropical than frigid. 

So I say again you furry little shit........ BRING IT!!!

Ok, I feel better; Somewhat!!!



  1. Don't hold back..! Why don't you just tell us how you feel....


  2. We will get winter this year, just not as long as most years...and I'm OK with that.