Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ok Now... "I Think"

I've come to grips with the winter of 2011-2012 being a bust!!
Sort of??!!
Yeah, we're sure to get our March dumping of snow (around state hockey tourney time), and that'll lead to an April dumping. Hey we need all we can get!!!
We're 40" low in the snow department, and that'll mean a dangerous fire season come spring.
I've also come to grips with the fact that FatBikes are now "cool"??!!
;) ;) ;)
There's a #fatbikechat on twitter on Tues. nights.
I don't really get twitter, (my lack of computer skills I guess), but as long as people are talking FatBikes it's cool, right??
I do follow the chat, as a lurker. Some good topics and lively speak. Give it a look see, if you are looking for something to do from 7-8 central (Tuesdays), time here in the midwest.
If everybody and their sister is riding FatBikes they have to be cool, right?
If people are hating on the FatBike they have to be REALLY cool, RIGHT???
I'll throw the BIG What-The-Fuck-Ever out there, and ride what ya got; because you like to turn the pedals, and leave it at that!!
I'm still the only one in a 70 mile radius!! HA

What I've not come to grips with is the dreaded 4wheelers!!
The way those  jerk-off, wanna be NASCAR driving, heavy thumbed D-Bags chew up things is really starting to get to me.
I mean it's one thing to drive your wheeler; but the way some of these people have to tromp around every corner down to 3" into frozen ground boggles my mind??
Now, if we had a normal snow year, you D-Bags wouldn't even have your wheelers out of the garage!!
We have miles and miles of wheeler trails throughout all of the Iron Range; miles upon miles through old mine dumps; i'll show you them if you'd like!! ;)
Plus an OHV park within a 20 min. drive east.
Leave my 3/4 of a mile trail alone!!
Is that too much to ask??
Sadly, I can answer my own question with a, YES that's too much to ask.
Anyway...... Pedal On!!

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