Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gheen Forest Roads and Beyond

18 miles of solitude!!!
With about 40 more to explore!!!

After a quick 6 mile warm up, i was ready to hit the Haley Road above.I've done this many times, but not nearly enough!! ;)



  1. Good to see you getting out here Joe!,
    is where you stay pretty flat?, is there mountain ranges?. Over here we dont have more than a few miles of flat though i know out there it can be flat for miles!

  2. Bruce,
    It's great to get out!! :))
    This is Cindi's fathers place. Forest roads up the you know what!!
    A 150 plus year old homestead he's fix up real nice, inside and out.
    A 35 minute car ride north east of town.
    The Arrowhead 135 runs right by his house. :))
    This whole area (northern Mn.), is not flat, but not near mountainous.
    Some challenging climbs but not for very long.
    Pedal On!!!! :))