Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now it's Settled......

I miss the Pugsley more than i thought!!

I've been off the Pugsley for a week and a day.
I haven't stopped turning the pedals, but I'm now thinking of buying another "Fat" bike.
how's a red or orange Fatback sound??
or a orange 9:zero:7??
i don't know what it is, but i have a thing for orange??!!

You see, I was out and about yesterday on my Trek 90D, and I really had to work at pedaling that damn skinny tired bike!! Same trails I have ridden with the 4" fatties, but it felt like I was working twice as hard as when on the Pugs. i know i'm much stronger than i've been in recent years.
Then on my way up to the top of one of our local mine dumps (elevation 1718'), it dawned on me, it's the tires!!!
Yes Bruce, i know i need to bring the camera more!! ;)) I'll start here soon!!
For the last year and a half I've been riding over every and anything.
with the skinny tires of the Trek it just felt like i was having to dodge all the big red rocks, and not so big red rocks.

Now this brings me to something i wanted to share.
my LBS called the other day and said my XT rear hub might be toast, not news i was happy hearing!!!
on the other hand, I'm really hard on shit, and so goes life.
although i did learn in recent days that I'm not the only one who has bad luck with the XT rear hub.
Turns out it wasn't as bad as he thought, IE. fixable, but we'll see for how long.
so I'm bidding on this rear hub, as a back-up...... just in case the XT hub wants to act up before years end. yes, a bit older, but still as bombproof as anything out there today!!
i figure $80-$100 right now, is much better than $348.68 (as soon as i sold my road bike and extra GPSr), and 15-30 days of no riding the Pugs!!
i think my ultimate hub would be a King, yes pricey, but it'll give me reliable service for years!!

i was suppose to go pick the Pugs up today, but someone around here thinks i don't work hard enough to deserve a check for $150.00. hmmmm
that problem will soon be taken care of!!!
anyway, i won't be around for awhile here, (hence that problem...being taken care of),  but just know i'm turning the pedals and clearing my head at the same time.



  1. You are a man of the FatTire. I vote for a FatBack if you get a 2nd fattie. I fell in love with mine, it rocks.

  2. A fatback would be a good 2nd bike Joe as you already have an offset fatbike with the pug,
    Im running the Hope Pro 2 rear hub again, i swear by these hubs and have all 3 bikes with them again, dont know how much they are over the pond, they are fully rebuildable with all spares available and have a nice loud `clicky` free hub!

    mind the camera next time!

  3. I'm very happy with the DT Swiss 240 on the back of the Pugsley. Rock solid! If I do get a new set of wheels lace up for the 29er or the Pugs I would like to try the Hope Pro 2.

    I've been dreaming of another "Fatty" but with the purchase of a new Salsa El Mariachi my better half says..."Vito, your bike buying days are over for some time to come!" I'm not arguing because I know I'll lose :)

    If I get the Pugs repainted it will be red or orange ;)

  4. I'm still waiting to get my first fatty built up, but it's coming. I have never ridden one with out snow, but after reading and seeing that you enjoy the ride year around, I am looking forward to it.