Friday, May 6, 2011

Back To Skinny……

And…… I'm not happy about that fact!!!

I dropped the Pugs at my LBS after work today.
After a quick spray down at the local car wash, I made my way to the shop.
I helped out Calvin (owner of said LBS), a few summers ago, and I know he hates working on dirty bikes!! :)
So I washed off the "RED" crust (iron ore), and called it good.
I do not like having a showroom floor clean bike!!
I have nothing against the guy/gal who keeps their bikes showroom floor clean, but come on!!?
I like going places and having people saying more than nice tires man, where's the rest of the motorcycle??
After the always present tire comment, (which by the way, is very old now), is.........what's that red crap all over your bike??
To which I reply, huh?
What red crap?
Oh, that's not red crap, that's a new paint!!
To which I've gotten more than a few sideways looks!!
It's iron ore red man, that the next big thing!!!
You gotta know me, I'm just one big smartass!!!! :))
Anyway when I was racing many many years ago, I'd get guys on that one all the time.
The smart ones just took a lol at the drive train of my bike and knew I was a big bullshitter!! ;))
dirty bike is nothing, dirty drive train is everything!! ;)

About a week ago I noticed the BB cap on the non drive side was gone…… hmm I wonder how long that had been missing??
Note to self, pay closer attention, instead of just throwing a leg over and pedaling away!!
Full tune up, new chain, new brake pads, new cup bearings for the BB, new BB cap cover, and then I should be good to pound on,(errr, I mean ride), it till fall!!??!!

Wow, I kind of went on a rant there!! Sorry.
Anyway, I broke the Trek full squishy out of the garage, and Zack and I pedaled around the "hood" for a bit.
I do have to say I miss the ride of my fat bike!!
The 2.1 tires look like they'll burst, and the Cane Creek rims look,!!!
i hope i don't hurt myself on my way to work in the a.m.
oh, speaking of work, goodnight!!



  1. You are a true man of the 'fat tire' love it. Yahoo.

  2. I haven't been on the Pugsley for five weeks but today when I met with Toni and his brand new shining 907 I really missed it, even though my Pugsley looks like a worn Land Rover from the sixties in comparison.

  3. My pug is stripped to the bone this now, time for a de-rust and repaint, be rolling next week!