Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Onset of The Hearty Season

Or better know as "Are you F'ing crazy riding you bike in this???" Season.
I love it!!!
I feel as if I'm truly alive from this time of year (when the coldness sets in), on until the dreaded spring thaw.
Anyone can ride their bike when it's nice out, for that matter, when it rains too!! It takes someone with true dedication to bike year round, regardless of weather; be it cold or snow. I was reminded of my stick-to-itivness this morning on my way to work. An old production manager pulls up along side me and says "go Joe go, I envy your dedication", and then kept on driving; man that made me feel good!! Thanks Jim!!
From this point until spring I'll always see people in their death machines stretching necks as they pass me, or actually drive around the block to cacth a glimpse or that crazy guy with the big "Fat"'tires!! Lol
Yes, they do severe a purpose, and are that fat for a reason!! ;)
Mind you, I know I didn't need to get a Pugsley to ride all year round, but boy the 4" tires are SO much nicer than the alternative.
So bring on the snow, ice and whatever else you wanna add, I'll still pedal my bike, how about you?
To all the hearty folks out there who ride during the dark times, KUDOS!!!!


  1. despite 1 proper winter here in 40 years im a winter it when cold,crisp and clear...
    its easy explaining the pug on the beach to folk...kinda obvious but on trails and the street they all stare and jaws drop...heehee

  2. Lucky you if the winter starts there. I will probably have to wait until the middle of December before the coldness and snow arrives.