Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pie Burner Update #1

I was without Internet accessibility for a couple weeks.
During that time I got out for my 1st scouting ride.
For those of you that attended last year, the 1st section stays the same minus the big hill climb; and a tweak here and there. After that it's all new (untill our 1st pit decent), and dare I say some pretty cool through the woods pedaling.... that should make even the hardest to impress, impressed.

After that I'm leaving you all in the dark, just because it'll be onward to burgers and adult beverages. ;)

I had a total milage of 22 and change, without decent into any pits.
I figure at least 3 more "scouting" rides to dial it in just right, and I'm hoping for some cooler temps to blow our way between now and ride day.
I'll post some teaser photos of my upcoming rides.

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