Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Done!!

Our Jenna is happy, to say the least!! Lol
Her new hot rod is done!! 

It stays at the shop until her brothers tune up is done!! 
Here's a few shots at Bikes On Howard earlier today. 

Thanks Calvin and Jill


  1. What a lucky girl! What crankset did you use? Are the cranks shorter? Would love to set my young son up with a fatty...hoping to find an XS 9 zero 7

  2. Dan,
    I can't remember the crankset brand off hand, sorry.
    Once we get it home I'll run down the parts list here. It's a 175mm crank arm length. We set her up 2x with a bash guard. We also left the front der. Off, for now.
    So, it'll be a 1x until she gets used to her new ride.
    It took me about 4 months to find an XS 170 frame.
    From Chain Reaction cycles out of Alaska. The guy I had talked with said they had maybe 15-20 left at the time. Give a call also.

  3. Excellent!! Great and the wife are!