Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It Begins.......

One XS 170mm RED 9:zero:7 frame ordered!! Woot Woot
After searching for some time.... Freaking out a bit, thinking I'd have to wait till fall of 2014.... I finally found an XS frame waiting for our young Jenna at Chain Reaction in the great state of Alaska; thanks Seth!! 
It should arrive in a couple weeks, then a drive south to Penn Cycles Eagan will be in order to have a chat and pick out the build for our 3rd FatBike in our house!!! 
We have one seriously pumped up little girl!! Ha Ha 


  1. Talk to Allen at the Penn Cycle Minnetonka location. He is the guy responsible for their Trek Farley Custom Builds and the 2014 190 Centered 9:Zero:7 Custom Build. See my posts "Hard to Find 2014 Trek Farley Now Available in Two "Custom Builds" at Penn Cycle" http://mnbiketrailnavigator.blogspot.com/2013/11/hard-to-find-2014-trek-farley-now.html and '2014 9:Zero:7 Frames and Custom Builds Now Available at Penn Cycle" http://mnbiketrailnavigator.blogspot.com/2013/11/2014-9zero7-frames-and-custom-builds.html for more details on these builds.

  2. Chris~
    We deal with Chris at the Eagan store.
    2 years ago now we got our Zack's XS green 9:zero:7 from Chris and the great people at the Eagan Penn. Nothing against the "Tonka" store, but after couple phone calls I knew I didn't want to spend our hard earned $$$$ there!! Being told I'm shit out of luck for finding any XS 9:zero:7 frames kind of pissed me off.
    I thought that Penn store was the "FatBike store??"
    Not even mentioning how I was treated before we bought Z's fatty from the Eagan store!
    I may be a hick from northern Mn. with more questions than answers, but you treat me right and I'll drive 175x2 miles multiple times to spend our hard earned cash!!
    Why drive you ask?? Because Ski Hut in Duluth will never see a penny of our money, EVER!!

    On the other hand...... The Eagan store..... Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Deathrider.... I'm sure!! ;)
    After over a year and a half...... I call looking for XS frames....... They remembered both Cindi and my name, where we lived, what bike we had built up, and our sons name!! End of story!!

    1. Chris is no longer at the Eagan store, I believe he is now at the Woodbury store. I'm sorry to hear that you did not receive the top notch customer service that Penn is known for from the Minnetonka store.

  3. Chris,
    I found that out from Adam after lunch today. Lol
    Adam was very helpful and said he'd take care of me/us.
    It's not your fault, maybe someone was having a bad day?? Retail, you CAN NOT have a bad minute!!
    Either way, our little girl will be rocking a FatBike with her brother and Dad!! At the end of the day, that's all that truly matters!

  4. That little girl deserves all of the awesomeness coming her way with her new ride. As far as the "hick", at least you're a lovable Northern MN hick.