Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Brain Bucket

I just got myself a new helmet; the Giro Hex MTB bucket to be exact.
Thank you Cindi!! ;)
During my early years of riding I never dawned a helmet; stupid I know!! 

Well, when I entered my first race, (mid 90's) the now defunct B.L.A.S.T. Epic series of race's; a helmet was required. 
Damn those race's were a hoot!! 
Anyway on my way to the race I stopped at an Eric's bike shop in Maple Grove (?), and bought a "S" pro Enduro bucket, and have been wearing that ever since. 
I never knew helmets expire!! 
I'm glad I never took a serious tumble with my "old" helmet!! 
That old girl probably wouldn't have protected my head much after all these years; no matter how hard it is!! Lol
I can't believe the strides in comfort and technology of today's modern helmets!! 
I put this new one on, and it feels like she's not even on my head!! 
Lite and comfy........ is an understatement!!!
i actually had to reach up after a couple miles and double check it was still there!!

It's better to be seen from a distance, hence the green!! Ha Ha Ha 

Tomorrow morning will find the kids and I riding the Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour, through the woods of northern Minnesota!! 

Pedal On!!!

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