Saturday, June 8, 2013

Whitney Tailings Pond

A short distance from our house is an old mining tailings pond. 
Hard red rock trails made mostly by 4 wheelers. 
Soft red dust like sand. The only time this stuff firms up is after it rains, well it's rained a lot lately. Two days of upper 60's to lower 70's and it's unridable with normal tires, but super fun with the fat tires!!! Zack found out how much fun can be had in this area with his 9:zero:7. It was awesome seeing it "click" with him!! Lol
Needless to say we spent around an hour so riding in circles on a little loop the wheelers have made through the soft stuff. All in all a great way to end our day!!!
Here's some shots of "Z" rocking the red dirt!! 

My favorite shot!! Lol

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