Tuesday, March 19, 2013

As It Should Be......

People seem to be belly aching pretty good about winter hanging on so long!!
Funny, cause it looks like we'll have a good 3-4' of snow on the ground (in northern Mn.), for Easter weekend.
Funny thing is, this is how I remember winters being!!
Not the no snow on the ground, and temps in the low to mid 70's. all be it nice, although totally wrong for our area just the same!
Yes, I'm looking forward to the warm weather as I stated in my last post, but it's northern Mn. what the hell do you people expect?? This is how it's suppose to be!!! Man people have gotten spoiled and SOFT!!

Flying kites with my grandfather in a sweatshirt and rubber boots watching out for puddles that were deeper than the height of my boots. Sometimes I judged right, other times I was dumping out snow and ice cold water from my boots. All in great fun of course.
Good memories for sure!!

Anyway.......... The 2013 National Biking Challenge is ramping up, with a start date of May 1st, and they've extended it through Sept. this year. I'm too lazy to add a link; any search engine should find it quickly for you.

And what post would be complete without a picture??
Grabbed from FB, thanks Sir DavieG!! ;)

Pedal On!!

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  1. Mr Schulz did help me with the cartoon... :-)