Friday, November 2, 2012

Trampled by Wood Rats!!?

Up at 4 a.m.
Plan was to get a pedal in before work.
Sat at the dinning room table too damn long wondering why I was up so early before I remembered why!! Lol
So it was a pedal straight to work.
At about the half way point I found myself amongst 10 to 20 "wood rats" aka deer.
It may have been less or more, those damn things freaked!!
They didn't even hear me coming, and they reacted as such!!
I dodged two before I had to come to a complete stop to save myself from begin run over!!
A couple couldn't make up their minds on which way they wanted to run.
All this happened in less than two minutes and then I was standing there alone and in the dark; in the middle of town!!
I think it's time to start wearing the head lamp!! Ha Ha
Have a good weekend, and Pedal On!!


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