Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Great Lakes Fat Bike Series............... And a Ramble.

Just think, 5 short years ago I had to build up my own Pugsley. 
Now you can buy complete FatBikes just like a normal non FatBike. New race series are popping up all over!!
Good thing, bad thing..... you be the judge!! 
Although more people on bikes, whether "FatBikes" or not.... IS a good thing.

Work has been keeping me from riding; 12 or more hour shift's will do that! 

So I'm biding my time till that white stuff covers the ground, the lakes are frozen solid, and my snowshoes pack some sweet winter single track!!  


1 comment:

  1. I'm not so sure about the race part, but rides are great fun! I am still short a clue when the build will happen, as it is on hold for some reason. I may have to break down and purchase one. I have been looking at the 9:ZERO:7

    Thanks for the post!