Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So it Begins

I took a little time Monday after work to ride Maple Hill. The boys are building something pretty special just south of town!! 
Seems they are having group rides on Tuesdays, but life keeps getting in the way those nights. 

Work is starting to ramp up, and 12 hour shifts have become the norm as of yesterday; such is life! The money is nice, but having Cindi become the sudo "single mom" has me a bit concerned. School starting soon, house, PTO meetings; etc.
I'll take my 12 to 14 hour shifts any day compared to what that women does!! I can't hold a candle to you dear!!! Love ya!!

The National Bike Challenge is also coming to an end on the 31st. It can't come soon enough!! I now remember why I stopped keeping track of my miles!!! 
I have again found myself riding for the miles and not riding for the FUN!! anyone who knows me, knows I love to explore; and the Pugs is the perfect bike for that!! Along with exploring comes the FUN!! 
With my mileage nearing 3,500 for the year 2012, I'm inclined to not do the challenge if it's offered next year. 
FUN is far more important to me than a bunch of numbers!! 

Zack's 9:zero:7 will be getting ordered soon; with a pick up date of Oct. 20th. 

This date is also the dreaded Justin "BARF" Beaver (Jenna hates when I call him that Ha Ha ;) concert at Target center in Mpls. 
It looks like Z and I will be pedaling FatBikes around the lakes and wherever else that weekend!! Yeah!!



  1. I just found you're blog and I've toyed with the idea of getting a Pugsley for winter in RI.I look forward to reading you're posts.

  2. Lucky Zack!! Oh ok, Jenna too. hehehe

    Thanks for posting!