Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Z's New Ride!!!

Picture taken from the 9:ZERO:7 FB page.
Well, it's official..... our boy Zack will be getting his own spanking new FatBike!! 
He can thank his sister Jenna; and of course mom and dad!! Lol
In October, J will be going to see Justin what's his name at Target Center in Mpls. 
A deal was brokered between mom, Z and J. Dad just has to pay for it!!!??? Ha Ha
Upon purchase of said concert tickets, at a price that wont be spoken aloud again!!!! Ha
Z will be awarded a FatBike 1st; J will have to wait.
There is a certain blogger, (DR).... That has a wife, that has a XS 9:ZERO:7 frame. Lol
If said blogger (DR) reads this, can we hook up sometime in the near future, so our Z could putt-putt up and down your street for a test of size?? It would set Z's dad mind at ease about size and what not.
 We'll be down your way a couple times before August.


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  1. that would be awesome if you wanted to try it. I look forward to meeting you guys as well