Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rolling the Dirt and Whatever Else I See Fit!!

After winter and fall.... Spring has to be my favorite time to "bomb" the "Fat Tires" pretty much over whatever, and wherever I choose!!
Nothing is overgrown, everything is still knocked down and begging to be pedaled over.

Today was 61 with glorious sunshine, a slight north wind..... Pretty much perfect!!!! 
Gravel roads, wheeler trails, woods with no trail, old railroad grades, in use railroad tracks; were pedaled on with that all familiar smile across my face, all thanks to my trusty Pugs!!! 

One week left to sign up for the National Bike Challenge!! What may I ask...... are you waiting for??
Ha Ha



  1. And less bugs!! Spring is a great time of year. Although we have our share of ticks. But, I don't worry about that much.

    Thanks for the post!

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