Thursday, December 30, 2010


riding has been not happening the past couple weeks.
the better half had surgery on her "good" arm.
she had a stroke in 1996, and lost the use of her right arm. she got a lump removed from her left arm, and we are hoping for the best!!

i did get some nice gear for x-mas.
Larry and Endo.

a digital air gauge, and some sweet Dogwood Pogies, that I'm itching to try out!!
along with some new Strom Craft pants, and a pair Lake MXZ302's!!
these aren't here yet, but boy i'm waiting for the UPS man!! lol

as i sit and type this the snow is falling again, with 10-14" being called for by Sat. mid-day!!
Happy New Year to you all, and may all your 2011 goals be met!!!



  1. Man, what a haul...nice gifts.

    Hope all goes well for the Mrs.

    Been raining all day here and the snow is shrinking.

  2. That Larry will change how you ride for sure.

  3. Neat stuff, I ride Larry in front and Endo in back, makes the snow fun. A digital air gauge, I Think I need one of them.

  4. Bling bling!...
    nice new stuff!,i just got my Bar Mitt`s!,
    A Larry up front is ace and transforms the steering,
    Have a good Hogmany Joe and all the best for 2011!

  5. Hope everything goes well with your wife.

    Happy New Year!