Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMM Cold Springs..... On!!

Don't mind my dirty work shirts in the background, they don't go in the dryer, and i haven't got the clothes lines up yet.
Really not too much to mounting this rack, it's not quite level..... I said close enough after a time!!
Thanks again to John at OMM!!!


  1. look good those racks joe,
    i have a cheapy rack to fit again for winter as a mudgaurd but thinks one of these are on the wishlist for the pug!

  2. Hey Joe, I have fenders and a rack on my Portland. Took a a bit to fit with the disc brakes but I like it all year round...

    We all need fresh water brother, think about it.


  3. I'm looking at getting a OMM rack to mount on the front of the Pugs. Ideally, I would like to go rackless and just purchase bags for Relevate designs. I may just do that anyway.