Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dads Day........

we never made it out of town today, but it was all good.
i took the kids for 3 rides today. we totaled 20 miles. the last ride i hooked up the chariot to the Pugs, and Jenna enjoyed the ride!! ;)) i need to get a picture of that, but it wasn't today.
i just got back from my solo ride 15 miles in under an hour, and also did a geocache to boot!!
the cache (cash), in question had a cool biking geocoin, so i had some incentive to go grab it!!
all in all an enjoyable day!!!


  1. BN~~~~~~ yes the pugsley has really brought the joy of biking back to me in a big way!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved biking on my "squishy" Trek 90D just fine; but this pugsley let's me go places I never could go with my
    other bike!! The 4" tires roll over any and everything and I haven't even talked about how it rides during the cold dark months!!! ;))
    Peace, Joboo