Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Fatbike Access in The Northland

For starters.............
Thank you to the city of Hibbing park board and it's members!!
Also a big THANKS to Pete H. and Kraig S. for listening and having an open mind; which in this day and age is very refreshing!!

It should be noted this is an extension of the "testing" phase of fatbikes on the xc ski trails.
Only tires 3.8's and wider are allowed on the "SKATE SKI" and "COMBINATION" trails ONLY.
Please follow IMBA's best practices rules for fatbikes on xc ski trails!!!
Daily trail fees are $3, so pony up and drop your cash into the payment box!!
The city also has yearly individual and family passes.

Monday found the 3 of us meeting out at the Carey Lake xc ski trails for a little bit of pedaling around.
More info.
I did very little pedaling (and that was fine by me).......... Pete was on my bike, and Kraig was on Z's bike. While it was a bit small for him, Kraig did get the feel of riding the big boy tires.
Temps were at or near zero, and it could not have been more perfect!!
If you're ever in the area and wanna pedal, just give me a shout out. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come for fatbikes in the Hibbing area!!
Enough words........... here's some pictures!!

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