Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Post Here

Moving everything over to my wordpress site is going to be more of a time consuming PROCESS than I thought; IN Time it will get done.

the link to my new blog page is in the blog links to the right.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Carey Lake XC Ski Trails

Ok, since most everyone checks here..... I'll post this info here.
Updated fatbike info......
For the winter of 2014/15 fatbikes are ***ONLY*** allowed on the north loop of the trails.

In the next few weeks myself, a skier and members of the park board and the parks and rec.  Will all sit down and come up with a plan/rules that will work for all trail users...... with talk of dedicated fatbike/snowshoe/walking trails being talked about for the future. 
This is all part of the big picture, so you fatbikers out there....... be smart, follow IMBA'S best practice for Nordic ski trails. Be respectful and smile!!!! This is where we "the new users" can really make our mark for our future!!!!
Let's show everyone involved that we're up for this!!!!!!!
Pedal On!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm Done With Blogger

I'm sick of my pictures lasting a day, or a few hours... then poof.... gone!
I'm moving over to wordpress.
I put a link to the new site in the blog links to the right.
I'll move things over as time allows.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Carey Lake XC Ski Trails

Please Stay OFF The Trails Until Further Notice!!!!!

I'm meeting soon with the Hibbing parks and recreation heads about fatbike access for 2014/15.
It seems some skiers were upset at the end of last year with a biker/s tire tread on the trails.
They took pictures and what not, so PLEASE STAY OFF until you've heard from me!!!!
That's all I know right now, until I meet with Pete H. and Kraig S.

This is something I've already thought through after I got the go ahead for fatbikes on the city trails, and doesn't surprise me at all, that at the end of a long winter this would happen.
So, again I ask for your respect and patience. 

Let's try a photo!!!!! Lol

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Is starting to piss me off!!!!
My pictures are there one day, and gone the next.
I'm do
ing everything the instructions tell me to do to rectify the no picture thing, to no avail. 
It's starting to get frustrating and has me thinking my blogging days may be near an end!!
It also......... just may be time to go over to wordpress and see what they're like. 

Hey BLOGGER you reading this?????? ;)

The Salsa Blackborow

Sunday, November 9, 2014

GRIMBA'S 2014 "Naughty Ride"

I know I have a problem with my photos not showing, I'm working on fixing this problem.

Anyway, today was GRIMBA'S annual ride.
It was great meeting some new people and watching our children enjoy pedaling through what little snow we have right now.
I'm working on my photo problem.