Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pedal On "The Series" Update

As of this past Sunday there are now 19 geocaches in this series.
Mileage to date is well over 150, that's for me setting the caches, not total mileage to get said caches. Lol
The last six I placed starting with #14
Are in a very cool area!!
If you are looking for a challenging ride, you'll get it here, with lots and lots of high speed white knuckle downhills; and of course you'll have the pedal back up to really get the heart, lungs and legs working!!! ;)
The views in the area are some of the best around.
If you get these six in this area by bike or foot, you've accomplished a lot, and more than likely you've also have gained some valuable bike handling skills, or plenty of miles on your hiking boots!!
Until 4 of the 8 newest caches are found I'll be waiting to hide more.



  1. We have Geo aches here too Joe, be good to do some only accessable by fatbikes!

  2. You'd have me beat there Bruce, since you are sea-side. I could see playing with the tides and such to make some cool hides, made much easier by using a fat bike!!
    Although in our long abandoned iron ore mine pits, people who search these out, will get one hell of a workout!!! With that said, my fat bike gives me a big advantage over normal tire size riders!! Lol
    On another note, I have a co-worker looking into the fat bikes!! :)